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Triadon Our Global Business Managers (GBM) are based internationally with expertise in all industries.
We understand your business needs and work with you to place candidates that encompass the right skill match to achieve your business objectives.

TriAdon’s refined business process, statistics and ongoing feedback provides a platform for successful business partnerships.

We do this through offering the following benefits to your business:-

Cost Benefit

Significant savings to wages - up to 70%
Suits businesses of any size - a flexible and scalable staffing solution
No lock-in contracts


Large pool of candidates based in the Philippines
Highly Skilled & Dedicated Staff


Suits businesses of any size
Easily handle fluctuating staffing needs

Staff Management System

Daily Time-Sheet Reports
  • You will receive an automatically emailed report for your review. This could be set up daily weekly or monthly, there is also the option to opt out if you are logging into our platform and checking yourself.
  • The daily report outlines the amount of time spent by your team member on specific tasks and a summary of total time worked.
  • This simple report outlines all activities completed by your offshore team for any given day. You will never have to worry about daily reports (or time-sheets) again. You can be completely confident that every minute of the day is accounted for.
Screenshot Recording
  • The System will take screenshots of your team member’s computer screen throughout the day.
  • Popup box will appear on the team members screen after the screen shot has been taken. The team member reports on their work activity and progress level.
  • Screenshots are only taken whilst the team member is logged in.
Telephone usage reporting (Additional service)
  • Number of Calls - made and received
  • Duration of Calls - incoming and outgoing
  • Country of Call Origin – incoming and outgoing
  • Country identification telephone number - calls appear to be originating from the country that operators are calling.
  • Cost of calls
  • Other Statistics relevant to your business


We take care of payroll guaranteeing staff wages.

Recruitment Timeline

On Average it can take anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks from having a signed contract with TriAdon to placing your new staff member.

This is just a guideline just like recruiting for any role the time from advertising and filling a role will depend on the existing talent pool seeking work, the level of skills required and if the candidate needs to give notice to an existing employer.

Working from home is the way of the future!

When hiring staff that work from home, your labour pool expands beyond the geographic constraints of your office giving you access to top talent and unique skill sets from around the globe.

Recent world health and economic environments have changed the way we travel, shop, socialise and work, fast tracking the world into digital transformation of organisations and communities. Recent surveys show that the majority of work from home staff are just as, if not more productive, with a third of employees reporting a reduction in stress levels, as they are able to spend more time with their families and participating in leisure activities rather than commuting to the office. When your staff are happy your customers will benefit resulting in enhanced customer service interactions, increased customer satisfaction and increased sales conversions.

Regardless of where your office is located, there are inherent and varied business continuity and disaster recovery risks to having most or all of your staff working from one office building. By establishing a geographically dispersed workforce, you will minimize the likelihood of widespread disruptions or outages and enhances business continuity.

Choosing the right BPO provider is the key to navigating this environment to achieve the full benefits of engaging an offshore team. At TriAdon our dedicated Global Business Managers understand your business to ensure your needs are met by connecting you with extraordinary people.

Try it on with TriAdon and see the Benefits!
Triadon TriAdon Pty Ltd. are an International Business Process Offshoring Company (BPO). We recruit talented staff for our clients based in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States Of America and Canada.

TriAdon are the crucial element in providing talented home-based Philippine staff to organisations, offering over 80 administrative and professional job roles to register for.

We are a continuous improvement organisation and encourage strong partnerships between Clients and candidate/contractors to achieve short-term/long-term employment to suit both candidate and client needs.
*We are offering Candidates P1000 Placement Bonus!!
T&C’s Apply
Benefits for Candidate/Contractor :-
  • One off Placement fee of P1000 (T&Cs Apply)
  • Competitive remuneration packages
  • Full-time and Part-time roles available
  • Short-Term and Long-term placements
  • You get paid for the hours you work and for client training
  • Greater opportunities to work across various industries
  • Continuous improvement and training opportunities
  • Candidate satisfaction and feedback surveys
  • Flexible hours and workplace possibilities
  • Work from home eliminating the need for long commutes allowing you to spend more time with family, friends and doing leisure activities.

Candidate Placement Incentive Terms & Conditions

Candidates who register via online portal with TriAdon Pty. Ltd. by December 2020 will qualify for a P1000 placement payment. Following are the terms and conditions outlining the rules and regulations that apply to this promotional incentive:-
  1. Candidate (contractor) must be of legal working age.
  2. Candidate (contractor) must be a legal resident of the Philippines.
  3. Candidate (contractor) must be able to provide proof of identity.
  4. Candidate (contractor) must register via TriAdon Pty. Ltd. online portal by December 2020.
  5. Candidate (contractor) must be able to verify and fulfill skillsets claimed in their job application.
  6. Candidate (contractor) must complete 173 hours continuous work with the one TriAdon Pty. Ltd. client. This equates to 1 month full-time work or 2 months part-time work in order to qualify for the incentive payment of P1000.
  7. P1000 incentive will be paid by TriAdon Pty. Ltd. to the Candidate (contractor), to be paid into their nominated account via electronic transfer upon completion of 173 hours of continuous work for the one TriAdon Pty. Ltd. Client.
  8. Candidate (contractor) is eligible for a once only payment of P1000 to be placed with a TriAdon Pty. Ltd. Client.
  9. Candidate (contractor) will forfeit payment if they are unable to fulfil the job role or unable to complete 173 hours of continuous work for the client.
  10. In the event the candidate (contractor) is terminated to no fault of their own they will be eligible for P1000 for subsequent TriAdon Pty. Ltd. Client engagement.
TriAdon Pty. Ltd. reserves the rights to make amendments to the terms and conditions. In the event Terms and Conditions change, they will be published on the TriAdon Pty. Ltd. website.
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